MØRCK is a Norwegian sustainable fashion brand that combines ancient material traditions with modern design and high-quality craftsmanship.

“MØRCK inspires women to express their 
independence and inherent dignity,
through a powerful, simple and 
direct expression.”


MØRCK is a Norwegian design house founded by Marianne Mørck to create high-end fashion based on quality leathers and fabric within a frame of ethical and sustainable production. Her experience from design and production of corsets and other orthopaedic products is supported by a partnership with her daughter and textile artist Monika Mørck. 

The MØRCK collections are based on ethical and sustainability principles concerning material usage, environmental footprint, manufacturing processes and durability of our products. Natural and traditional materials are merged into contemporary fashion. Local and sustainable leather constitute the signature of a MØRCK product.


The first MØRCK collection was released in 2015. Shortly after, we were invited to present her salmon leather creations during the Climate Conference COP21 in Paris on the seminar, and fashion show “Changer la mode pour le climat”.

In 2016 MØRCK invited was invited to “The Blue Fashion Challenge” arranged by North Atlantic Co-operation (NORA). This event was a “master class” experience where selected designers from North Atlantic Countries were invited to a competition where the designers challenged each other through the design of fashion clothing based on materials associated with the ocean and the cultural heritage of people living around the North Atlantic. Later, Marianne has been invited to present ideas and business concept of MØRCK at two seminars arranged by NORA:

  • NORA – Large Ocean Nations Forum Malta - Marianne gave a lecture about her work on salmon leather 
  • NORA – Blue fashion value chain seminar - Marianne gave a talk about her work on building a sustainable fashion brand and working on Blue fashion. 


MØRCK consists of mother and daughter. Marianne Mørck and Monika Mørck.

The MØRCK collections evolve in a continuous exploration of clothing in the junction of two different fields: Marianne’s background is in orthopaedics that is closely related to the body and the individual. Marianne is an orthopaedic technician and specialized in pattern making and tailor-made garment. She has developed new orthopaedic clothing and has 15 years’ experience with research for the most useful textiles and leather to support the body.  

Monika Mørck with MBA from Oslo National Academy of the arts, and education from Textile Design School of Firenze, is the leading person in textile design and print design. Monika is an artist whose practise is concerned with body and textile. She has made a range of expeditions since her graduation in 2015. 


Since the first collection released in 2015, MØCK has supplied products to Norwegian fashion shops in addition to direct sales and webshop. Currently, we have products for sale in a few shops in Norway, including one in Oslo selling sustainable fashion brands.

A new branding plan for Europe is underway.